Mochila para Parrot Anafi

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Availabe DATE: 10.08.2018

Backpack with a well thought-out concept provides plenty of space for your Anafi with Skycontroller 3, up to 4 batteries, charger, slot for iPad / tablet, spare props, slot for cables and additional multi use slots - one of them with own cover!

Parrot Anafi backpack - Space for Skycontroller 3 and a lot of accessories

AVAILABLE DATE: 10.08.2018

  • The new Parrot Anafi transport backpack by MC-CASES® is the ideal companion for trips and offers the optimal storage possibility for the Copter with all of its accessories of the Parrot Anafi (see below for details). Everything has its place and is always within reach - so that nothing will get lost.
  • All of the parts can be directly accessed despite the compact dimensions (43 x 29 x 18 cm). The copter and the transmitter are ready to fly without the tiresome necessity of installing single parts, like it is the case with the provided bag of the competitors. True to our slogan "Out of the box - ready to fly" , take the Copter and transmitter out and you can take off. The handy backpack offers the ideal protection against shocks.
  • The backpack was designed to include all accessories of the Parrot Anafi. The interior of the backpack is made of a high-quality special molded foam which is robust and durable; ideal for fragile and delicate electrical components (Due its vulnerability, we have not used press mold foam, which is normally being utilized for products from the Far East).
  • Developed and designed by experienced and long-time Copter pilots and holders of a pilot's license of different classes as well as qualified design engineers and CAD experts. A product "made in Germany" - in accordance with the strict provisions for the foam processing industry.
  • The particular accessories that will fit into the backpack are: 1x Parrot Anafi Copter with battery and assembled propellers (ready to fly), 1x Skycontroller 3 (ready to fly), optionally up to 3 more batteries (+1 in the Copter), compartment for cables, USB cable, power cable, replacement propeller set, 3x SD card slot in the Parrot plastic housing and other two SD card slots, multifunctional compartment for USB charger and other accessories.
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